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Managing Children With Cerebral Palsy Webinar

St. Ann's Bay Regional Hospital

Physical Therapy Department


Managing Children With Cerebral Palsy

"Focusing On The Spastic Child"

Presenter: Ms. Grace-ann Bedward (registered physiotherapist)

Date: Thursday, September 21, 2023

Time: 8am

Location: Catherine Kelly Physical Therapy Room (Bottom Physiotherapy Department)

Cost: FREE

5 CEUs available on request ($1,000)

Attendance: In person or online

Limited space available for in-person attendees. So register early if you would like to reserve your space.

Zoom Meeting ID: 837 0060 4636

Zoom Passcode: 799857

Register online to attend physically or to request CEUs

To make payment for CEUs please make payments to:

Bank: NCB Ocho Rios

Account Name: FODOS Physiotherapy

Savings Account: 584358327

Please email confirmation of payment to

Contact us @ 876 770 3748 for more information

Managing Children With Cerebral Palsy webinar



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