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Tropical Island

Working in Jamaica

Jamaica is an island country that is located in the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. It sits just south of Cuba. With almost 3 million people in the country, Jamaica has the noted distinction of being the third largest English speaking nation behind the U.S. and Canada. Therefore, many jobseekers like the idea of working and living in Jamaica as it gives them a chance to reside somewhere they’d normally choose for vacation.

To work in Jamaica as a Physiotherapist you must be registered with the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine (CPSM), which is a statutory body established under The Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act, 1965 and Regulations of 1974, with adjustments made to reflect changes in 1995 and 2005.

The CPSM enforces the Act by ensuring:

  • Individuals trained in the professions regulated are duly qualified to be licensed to practise in Jamaica

  • Individuals who have trained overseas who wish to practise in Jamaica are duly registered.

  • Practising health-care professionals maintain proper standards of conduct.

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