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Become a Physiotherapist


Physical Therapy is a health profession, concerned with health promotion, prevention of physical disabilities and the rehabilitation of persons disabled by pain, disease or injury. The School of Physical Therapy at the UWI Mona Campus, was founded in 1972 as a three (3) year professional programme, awarding a diploma upon completion of the programme.  It was modeled after the early British programmes in England, consisting of three (3) years professional studies in hospitals with no direct affiliation with a college or university, as is required in the United States.

The School undertook an upgrading process to the Baccalaureate level, through the University of the West Indies and began taking students to commence the B.Sc. in Physical Therapy (PT) in September 2001.  The programme was assisted by a development grant from McGill University (Canada) and the Canadian International Development Agency (C.I.D.A.).  This grant assisted in training of faculty members and curriculum development, as well as other transitional elements for a smooth transition to a degree.

In August 2006 the School was fully incorporated into the Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI and became the fifth section within the Department of Basic Medical Sciences. The School of Physical Therapy was relocated to the 3rd floor of the FMS Teaching and Research Complex, 2 West Road, on the Mona Campus, January 2013.

Most of the schools’ graduates are Jamaicans, although students from as far in the north as the Bahamas to as far south as Guyana have also been among our graduates.

Aim and Objectives of Physical Therapy Programme


  • To prepare entry level Physical Therapists with the required knowledge, skills, attitudes and techniques to deliver quality health care, competently and effectively in order to improve level of health care in the Caribbean.


  • Demonstrate competence in evaluating referred individuals

  • Provide safe and competent Physical Therapy care to clients of all ages

  • Demonstrate basic understanding of scientific inquiry/research methods

  • Apply research, knowledge and skills to solve Physical Therapy problems

  • Exhibit self-directness in pursing personal and professional growth 

  • Practice Physical Therapy within a context that is congruent with Code of Ethics

  • Make meaningful contribution to the quality of life of Caribbean people

Admission Requirements (Undergraduate & Postgraduate)

Applicants for the admission to the Bachelor of Science, Physical Therapy will be required to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Minimum of FIVE CXC or GCE O Levels subjects which must include English Language, Biology and Mathematics.  Passes at the CXC  examination level must be at the general proficiency Level grades I, II, III


  • Passes in two-units of TWO of the following: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics or equivalent at the advanced Level (CAPE or GCE).

Also, Applicants are further required to:

  • Be at least 18 years old at the time of admission of the programme.

  • Complete at the time of admission to the programme, sixty (60) volunteer hours in a Physical Therapy department.  It is required that at least (30) hours must be spent in an acute general hospital. Candidates must make their own arrangements for doing volunteer hours.

  • Each applicant accepted in the programme is subjected to a personal interview.

  • Sit the UWI English Proficiency Test ( please visit the department of Language, Linguists and Philosophy MONA)

Personal Qualifications

There are certain personal characteristics that are required to be admitted into the programme as certain characteristics are EXTREMELY important in the individual who chooses Physical Therapy as a career. These characteristics include: 

  • Integrity and honesty

  • Ability to instruct, motivate and be patient with each other.

  • Ability to express warmth and understanding through helping, caring relationship

  • Ability to assume responsibility and use initiative.

  • Willingness to accept direction and instruction and assume responsibility for own actions

  • Ability to express self adequately, orally and in writing.

  • Firm commitment to the successful study of Physical Therapy.


Applicants for the admission to the Master of Science, Physical Therapy should have an honors BSc Physical Therapy degree. Candidates with a diploma will be admitted once they have completed 3 qualifying courses from the BSc programme.

Duration of Training (Undergraduate & Postgraduate)

The undergraduate programme duration is three academic years (full time) which is nine (9) semesters.


The postgraduate program duration is four semesters including 1 summer semester in which students can register full time or part time and the scheduling of classes will allow persons to continue working while they pursue the degree.


Career Opportunities in Physical Therapy

Opportunities for employment exist in both private and public sectors, in the area of general acute and rehabilitation hospitals, long term care facilities, home care, sports medicine and ambulatory care clinics.


Eligibility to Practice

Students who are awarded the BSc Physical Therapy degree are required to complete an internship period of (1) year in an acute or rehabilitation hospital in order to register to practice in Jamaica. Upon the successful completion of the internship period, they become eligible for registration with the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine, Kingston, Jamaica. Registration with the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine is a legal requirement for the practice of Physical Therapy in Jamaica, West Indies.


Additional Service Offered by the Section

In addition to being fully incooperated into the Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI and becoming the fifth section within the Department of Basic Medical Sciences ,there was the introduction of a Physical Therapy clinic on the 3rd floor of the faculty building, in 2015.


Members of Academic, Administrative and Technical and Ancillary Staff

Head of Section: Dr. Carron Gordon, PhD, MSc, BSc, Dip. PT, RPT, CUTL


  • Dr. Sonja Williams, DPT (Hons), MPH, Dip PT, RPT

  • Miss Gail Nelson, MSc, RPT

  • Miss Gillian Hudson, BSc, MSc, RPT

Assistant Lecturer: Mrs. Kathryn Satchell, MSc, BSc, RPT

Administrative Secretary: Mrs. Jenilee Sydial-Henry, BSc, MSc

Secretary III: Mrs. Shakera Sharpe- Beezer, B.A, Post grad, Dip.Ed.

Library Assistant I:  Miss Shanique Robertson, Dip.GS, BSc

Senior Office Attendant: Mrs. Marjorie Edwards Merchant

Office Attendant I: Miss Sandra Campbell

Driver III: Mr. Joseph Dudley

Contact the School of Physical Therapy Office
The Section of Physical Therapy (3rd Floor)
Department of Basic Medical Sciences
Faculty of Medical Sciences Teaching and Research Complex
Telephone: (876)-927-2235

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