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Awards & Recognition

The JPA has an awards and recognition program incorporating honoured memberships, milestone achievements, service recognition and student awards.

Honoured Members

JPA Honoured Membership is a recognition of discernible service, leadership, and extraordinary contributions to the JPA and the broader profession.


JPA Honoured Members are nominated for recognition by their peers and formally awarded by the Board of Directors after consideration of set criteria.


Nominators of members for Honoured Membership of the Jamaica Physiotherapy Association should consider all areas on the nomination form and provide as much detail as possible that is applicable to the nominee. Nominee members will need to demonstrate commendable examples of employment and leadership positions, awards and recognition, sustained distinguished JPA service, and personal contributions to the Physiotherapy profession.


Download the nomination form.

Service Recognition


Why Recognize?


For the many hours association volunteers spend away from their families, friends, and jobs - not to mention the weekends in airplanes or hotel rooms—they deserve recognition. Recognition is one of the most powerful means of thanking board members and other volunteers for their efforts motivating members and staff to higher levels of achievement giving a sense of belonging to something important establishing your organization as a valuable entity.


Of course, volunteers gain recognition among their peers and even the public by contributing to association publications, giving presentations at conferences, and serving as a spokesperson for the association. Still, all leaders should be formally recognized for their service and contributions at some point before their volunteer commitment ends.

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