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The UWI Physical Therapy Students’ Association (U.W.I.P.T.S.A) functions to serve the interests of the students within the Physical Therapy BSc programme at the University of the West Indies. The club operates as a non-profitable organization.


The U.W.I.P.T.S.A began in 2013. It was the brainchild of Andre Doyley who was in the graduating class of 2015 and who would become the 1st Vice President of the Association, whilst the very first president was Noel Brown. The Association was created with the intention to give the Physical Therapy students a voice within Medical Faculty relations. 


From then to present day, it has maintained its aim of fostering student growth throughout the years. 

The Student Association has kept a relationship with the Jamaican Physiotherapy Association with each successive executive team. This connection serves to enable student interaction with registered physiotherapists in the island; which is an ideal set up for mentorship.

The UWI PTSA Executive for 2022/2023
uwi ptsa executive.jpg

From left to right:

Justin Fournillier, Valencia Humphrey, Larry “Malik” Inniss, Courtney Seivwright, Ebony Hunte, Donee-Ann Quinkland, Monique Harrison, Kemuel Hagley, Junique Williams and Vaniel Findlay

President: Ebony Hunte

1st Vice President: Junique Williams

2nd Vice President: Donee-Ann Quinkland 

Secretary: Courtney Seivwright

Assistant Secretary: Valencia Humphrey

Treasurer: Monique Harrison

Cultural, Entertainment and Activities Chairperson (CEAC): Kemuel Hagley

Deputy CEAC : Justin Fournillier

Public Relations Officer: Vaniel Findlay

Assistant Public Relations Officer: Larry Inniss

Recent Accomplishments

A few of the Association’s recent accomplishments are as follows:


  • The initiation of the Stipend Allocation Fund, which was supported by Sagicor who provided sponsorship. The aim of this fund was to provide students with PPE for clinicals and it is still currently implemented

  • Outreach to Mustard Seed Organisation - My Father’s House

  • Creation of the New UWIPTSA logo

  • Piggybank Operation - to encourage students saving money

  • Tutoring Program Initiative - tutoring provided by more competent to others who needed assistance

  • Implementation of Physio Moves - live-streamed exercise sessions, directly from the classrooms.

  • Implementation of Spiritual Therapy Sessions - Christian based fellowship 

  • Lobbied for lecturers to provide earlier access to slides on OurVLE (an online learning platform).

  • UWIPTSA Beach Clean Up

  • Increase in annual UWIPTSA dues by JM $50 

  • Monetary Donation to the Physical Therapy Welfare Program

  • Inter-house Competitions and Sports Day

  • Celebration of World Physiotherapy Day (2021 and 2022)

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