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NACR one-day educational course: physiotherapy in emergency departments

Updated: 3 days ago

This one-day in-person educational course is only open to members of World Physiotherapy member organisations in the North America Caribbean region.

A certificate of attendance will be provided.

Event title

Physiotherapy in emergency departments

Date and time

28 April 2024, 08:00-17:00 ECT


Section of Physical Therapy, 3rd Floor, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica

5.5 CEUs will be granted

Course summary

Historically, emergency departments around the world have been burdened with challenges such as high patient volume, long wait times, and provider burnout. Patients with acute or severe musculoskeletal pain or dizziness were often treated with medications, admitted to the hospital, then discharged with a prescription. Some would return to the emergency department with the same problem.

This inefficient and costly use of healthcare forced hospitals to find creative solutions to these problems. In the 1990s, countries/territories like Australia and the United Kingdom were able to demonstrate the value of physiotherapists as first-contact providers in their emergency departments and urgent-care centres. Soon after, countries/territories like the United States did the same. This practice is now rapidly growing around the world, and research is demonstrating how physiotherapists can work effectively and efficiently within a healthcare team to assist with the diagnosis, treatment, and discharge planning for a wide variety of pathologies and situations in the emergency department.

This one-day course will take an in-depth dive into the role of physiotherapists in the emergency department and will explore the benefits to patients, the care team, and the hospital. Lecture and case studies will be utilised, and participants will be given an opportunity to explore with colleagues the barriers and opportunities to implementing this type of practice.


Book before 15 March 2024: $40 USD

Book from 16 March 2024-15 April 2024: $50 USD


Jeff Hartman is an assistant professor of physical therapy in the doctor of physical therapy programme, University of Wisconsin in Madison. In the programme, Jeff teaches several courses related to clinical medicine and population health and coordinates the experiential learning component of the curriculum. He is also the advisor for the doctor of physical therapy and master's of public health degree programme at the university.

Jeff is orthopedic residency trained and was one of the early clinicians in the United States to work full time as a physiotherapist in a Level I Trauma Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has spoken extensively on this topic and continues to consult with programmes and clinicians around the US. Jeff also has a degree in public health and a global health certificate from the school of medicine and public health, University of Wisconsin. He has blended his physical therapy and public health backgrounds into an extensive global health career.

His research focuses on professional development and capacity building at the community level in diverse areas around the world. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 2020 and successfully performed a situational analysis of the physiotherapy profession throughout Belize. His institutional and professional service responsibilities include the University of Wisconsin’s global health institute’s advisory committee, and the doctor of physical therapy programme global health director. He has served with the consortium of universities for global health and has been a dedicated member of the American Physical Therapy Association’s global health special interest group since 2003. Jeff was awarded the APTA’s leadership and innovation section’s Ronnie Leavitt award for social responsibility in 2022.


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