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CPSM Registration

Re-licensing for the period 2024 - 2025 is now due.

Please make note of the requirements for re-licensing:

  1. Completed copy of re-registration Form (Please contact CPSM for how to attain a registration form)

  2. CEU certificates/documents Continuing Education units are 20 for this registration period

  3. Email your documents to or visit the CPSM office to submit your documents.

Please Note that for consideration of CUEs:

Only where All credits are Discipline Specific, or a Half-and-Half of Discipline Specific and Non-Discipline Specific hours will be accepted.

The Criteria for CEUS are as below:

Discipline Specific Professional Development

These are activities which are directly related to the improvement of clinical and professional skills unique to the practice of Physiotherapy. 

These may include but not limited to:

  • Activities that improve knowledge and skills in examination, evaluation, prognosis and planning, intervention, re-examination, prevention and outcomes in physical therapy;

  • Clinic interventions/ evidence -based models, and principles of physical therapy;

  • Patient communication in physiotherapy assessment and management

  • Physiotherapy administration, management and clinical supervision

  • Pedagogical methodologies/procedures which contribute to the professional best practice of physical therapy/ physiotherapy

Non-Discipline Specific Professional Development 

Involve activities that improve general medical knowledge, administrative ability, supervisory skills and communication skills.

These may include but not limited to the following areas:

  • Basic or Advanced Life Support

  • Management and Leadership (e.g. Supervisory Management)

  • Ethics

  • Quality Assurance

  • Interdisciplinary Learning– Symposiums, Conferences, Coarse, Lectures offers by other Health Professional groups/associations

  • Communication (e.g. Sign Language)

  • Matters relating to other aspects of health care and law which contribute to professional practice in physical therapy and the health, safety and/ or welfare of the public


Cash payments will not be entertained. POS payments are accepted in office. Otherwise, please pay fees by bank transfer to Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine, NCB Cross Roads, chequing account 231075224.


Please note that the registration period for 2024/2025 is between April 1, 2024 - September 31, 2024, which means failure to submit documents before that time will incur a late payment fee of $2,500.



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